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Light Effects

Specialized Accessories can be attached to all DERKSEN® Graphic Projection Systems. In many cases two accessories can be attached to the same unit, offering numerous combination effects. Below are brief descriptions and, when available, animated simulations and video clips of specific effects.

Accessory Application
Wind Effect Make an image appear to be flowing in the wind or floating on water. Click here to view
Analog Clock Project a working clock on to any surface, e.g. the floor, a brick wall, a canopy or screen or any other surface.
Fire Effect Create an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation, with the illusion of a comfortable fire. Click here to view
Water Effect Create an optical illusion of a water surface. Project the water surface on the floor and make your customers "walk on water". Click here to view
Cloud Effect Create a realistic sky with moving clouds. Click here to view
Circular Motion Mirror Project lively circular motion on the floor or wall. Fun display for young and old. Click here to view
Color Filter Holder Add solid or multiple colors to an image, even rainbows.
2-Fold Prism Create multiple moving images of a single graphic or logo (2 images used). Click here to view
4-Fold Prism Create multiple moving images on large surfaces (4 images used). Click here to view
5-Gobo Magazine Project up to five different images sequentially at adjustable intervals from 3 sec to 3 min. Click here to view
6-Gobo Magazine Project up to 6 different images sequentially. Intersperse the brand names you carry with your company's logo. Click here to view
Deflection Mirror for standard, zoom, telephoto or wide angle lenses Use where a straight shot is not possible, or when you want to make it more difficult for patrons to locate the source of the light.
Fader/Strobe mechanical Fade a projected image in and out, for additional attention.
Iris 105, Iris 70 Project a circle of light, adjustable in size from pinpoint to large diameter.
Pivot Mirror Create a straight line pendulum action or back and forth motion on large surfaces, such as a wall, column or floor. Click here to view
Rotational Gobo Use continuous motion to attract attention and create curiosity. LogoMotion allows you to rotate an image or just part of an image. Click here to view
Running Light Effect Direct customers to specific departments or products with moving arrows or other graphics. Click here to view
Shutter Turn projected images on and off at adjustable intervals. Click here to view

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